Hey hey, my name is Fisk! I’m a creativity wizard, award winning designer, and gamer. With a unique and infectiously positive attitude, I bring over 20 years of design experience to every project. From conjuring bold brand identity, magical mobile apps, and dazzeling collateral, to building engaging games, naming companies, products and policies — I look to bring out a human and approachable feel to tech.

I seek to capture those sparks of sorcery where humanity and digital synchronize with a smile. I’m an Esports fan (Go NYXL!), fascinated in ludology, have a fanciful handlebar mustache, and believe we can both be better and do better as humans. Just a few things that make up "ME".

Thanks for being awesome!

Specialties :
Branding and Identity Design | Naming | UI & UX (Specifically for Mobile)
Poster Design | Cover Design | Illustration | Typography | High Fives